uCellDetect Consortium

          The Coordinating institution, Technical University of Iasi (TUIASI), is classified as advanced research and education university, accreditated as component unit of National R&D system. TUIASI received the qualifying as institution of highest degree of trust on behalf of ARACIS and is implementing graduating and post-graduating studies as well as R&D projects in 14 scientific domains through its 10 Doctoral schools. The scientific activity of TUIASI within the last 10 years materialized in implementation of 611 national R&D projects, 57 international projects and 240 contracts with industry, about 2700 ISI scientific papers and 30 patents.
          Partner 1, P1, IMT Bucharest (IMT) is the only national R&D actor activating in the field of micro-and nanotechnologies which is disposing of clean rooms (of 100, 1000 and 10000 class) for micro and nanofabrication. Unique is Romania is the orientation of IMT towards micro-nanofabrication demonstrated through establishement of the Center for micro and nanofabrications services (IMT_MINAFAB) launched in Brussels in 2009 and included in MERIL database together with other EU R&D infrastructures. Within IMT may be undergone all the stages of micro and nanocomponents fabrication, from modeling and simulation and computer-based assisted design to reliability tests. The laboratory for micro and nanofluidics is undergoing scientific activity for development and implementation of microfluidic devices, sensors and nanomaterials with applicability in various domains (from medicine to ambient).
          Partner P2, National Institute for Research „Cantacuzino” (INC) is undergoing activities of national strategic interest in the fied of ensuring the protection of the essential interests of the safety of population health. INC is performing fundamental and applied research in the field of microbiology, parasitology, entomology, immunology, biotechnology. The human resource of INC demonstrates expertize in scientific fields as biochemistry, immunology, molecular and cell biology, biotechnology, flow cytometry, production and control of biopharmaceutical products, deconvolution and image processing.
         Partner P3, Transilvania University of Brașov (UTBv), is a comprehensive structures which is integrating engineering, social, human, artistic, medical and mathematics branches. Over 741 didactic personal and 34 researchers were involved in 2016 in fundamental, applied and experimental R&D activity. Only in 2016 UTBv implemented over 158 grants, R&D projects and technical assistance, with a value of over 2783563 EUR and organized over 64 national and international scientific events as conferences, workshops, symposium, seminars, traineeships aso. In 2016, 251 ISI papers were publishing cumulating an IF of 323 and a cumulative SRI of 191. The expertise of UTBv materializes in various scientific fields as development of microelectromecanical devices for microsurgical reconstruction, microfluidic platforms for the study of cell apoptosis, development of electrochemical and microfluidic biosensors for nanomedicine, amperometry and voltammetry, electrochemical impedance, development of "label-free" platforms, micromagnetic modeling and simulations for spintronic structures and spintronic biosensors.