Project title: Microfluidic platform for circulating tumour cells (CTCs) concentration through dielectrophoresis-magnetophoresis and analyzed via broadband dielectric spectroscopy and electrochemical impedance

Acronym: uCellDetect

        The overall objective of uCellDetect is the development of a microfluidic platfom integrating electromanipulation (DEP – dielectrophoresis) technologies combined with magnetomanipulation ones (MPA – magnetophoresis) for improving the efficiency of sorting capacity of circulating tumour cells (CTCs) harvested and purified from tumors excised surgically. Simultaneously with sorting and capturing, on the basis of CTCs’ specific properties (electrical, magnetic, electrochemical and spin) at the level of microfluidic platform their chraracterization is to be possible with the help of broadband dielectric spectroscopy, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and spintronic detection fact which will facilitate early diagnosis minimally invasive, tumor stabilization, monitoring and evaluation of therapeutic intervention. The new device is to be developed within a 34 month period and is to represent a rapid and efficient diagnosis tool, at a low production cost, which is to offer pacients a cheap diagnosis alternative in comparison to other expensive and complicated conventional methods.
        The project Cosortium is encompassing 4 partners (two universities, one R&D national centre and one R&D centre with relaunching perspectives) which agreed to allocate expertize, scientific resources, human resources and materials (cutting edge R&D infrastructure) which allow the approach of complimentary technological subdomains in the field of biotechnologies with applications in biomedicine.