Project 1

Project #1: „Advanced experimental model for isolation and identification of primary tumor cells for integrated microfluidic platform validation designed for CTCs identification”
Project responsible: P3-INCC, Partners involved: IC-TUIASI, P1-IMT, P2-UTBV

           General objective of Project #1 is to provide the biological material needed for testing the integrated microfluidic platform which is to be developed within the project. The biological material, the circulating tumour cells respectively, is to be isolated from tumors which are to be provided by the surgeon of the Emergency University Hospital Bucharest with whom P3-INCC had already been jointly involved in R&D projects. The activities within Project #1 are to be undergone within a close relation and interdependency with the other three projects of uCellDetect.
           The 34-month workplan of the Project #1 is encompassing groups of activities focused on technical and scientific tasks, as well as horizontal tasks designed for improving the institutional performance, development of new R&D competences at institutional level, diversification and increasing the number and the quality of R&D services provided as well as of the technolgy transfer capacity towards economical entities.