Project 3

Project #3 – „Lab-on-chip for sorting CTCs based on magnetophoretic focalization and spintronic detection”
Project responsible: P3-UTBV, , Involved partners: IC-TUIASI, P1-IMT, P2-INCC

             Project 3 is aimed to develop a separation and detection method of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) using micrometre sized magnetic structures and spintronic sensors. The goal of Project 3 represents a complementary method to electrochemistry impedance spectroscopy. To accomplish this objective, will be used magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) of Maghemite functionalised with organic molecules of interest (like specific antibodies that can recognize the CTCs). The biodetection process will be done in a microfluidic chamber where will be injected (i) the MNPs functionalised with specific antibodies and (ii) the cells to be analysed. After the bio recognition process is performed, the magnetically labelled cells will be manipulated in magnetic field, separated from other cells and concentrated through magnetophoresis above the spintronic sensor that can detect their presence.
         The biochips which integrate the magnetic detection system inside a microfluidic chamber and a thermostat are the building blocks of Lab on a Chip devices. The lack of electrodes, used for electrochemical detection, makes easier the cleaning process of the microfluidic chamber and increases the robustness and lifetime of the detection system.