Project 4

Project #4 – „Lab-on-chip for detection of CTCs based on dielectrophoretic concentration and electrochemical impedance analysis”

Project responsible: P1-IMT , Involved partners: IC-TUIASI, P2-INCC, P3-UTBv

          Project goal: Development of an „lab-on-chip” integrated microfluidic platform based on broadband dielectric spectroscopy and electrochemical impedancee spectroscopy for ealy diagnosis, tumors stabilization, monitoring and analysis of therapeutical intervention, through detection and characterization of CTCs. The CTCs are the cells with an epithelial origin (EpCAM+, Cytokeratins 8+, 18+, 19+, DAPI+, CD45-) and are those tumor cells separated from the priminary tumor and released in the pheripheral blood flow, being incriminated in spreading the tumor at the body level.
          Even if the existence of CTCs has been known since 140 years, their use in cancer diagnosis was not considered as of the fact as the the CTCs in the pheripheral blood is extremely small and their identification being similar.